Super Chexx Pro®

The Original Bubble

Super Chexx Home Arcade Games, offer the same great game at an affordable price. With 40+ years of unparalleled durability, you can't go wrong with our arcade-quality bubble hockey table for your home or business.


Best of the best



Super Chexx PRO® allows for competitive play for all ages, modeled after the original Super Chexx games that's been a hit for over 35 years!



It's fun for the Whole family! Reinforced fiberglass rods are indestructible and last for decades making this fun for all ages game durable enough to be passed down to the next generation.



Built in the USA with durability in mind. Arcade quality construction built to last.



Great Licenses and 36 Custom Hand-Painted ICE, NHL®, USA, Canada & CCCP Teams to Choose From.

Choose from NHL®, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada Editions with 36 team jersey options to bring home the custom game you want to enjoy with family and friends. No other dome hockey brand offers the look and feel of a custom built Super Chexx.



Super Chexx games ship complete in 2 halves, so set-up takes 10-15 minutes. We ship a full color install guide and all needed tools are in your parts kit along with some spares for down the road. Two people can easily move and set-up the game. We offer free phone support, on-line videos and include a full color service manual to answer any questions you might have.



We have the coolest Ice Surfaces in the Industry with over 30+ center ICE logo options to choose from.

Crisp silk-screened graphics won’t fade or wear with custom center ice logos to simulate an ice rink. We use superior-grade Kydex surface material which is highly durable to prevent cracks or warping while creating a smooth surface that offers un-matched game play for passing and shooting.

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Whether you purchased your game two weeks ago or two decades ago, ICE is committed to providing the highest quality support and service. Browse our parts store or contact us for repairs so you can continue to experience arcade-quality game play for years to come.


Have a question about upgrades, the shipping process or specific parts for your game? We believe in the ICE commitment to quality—and that’s why we offer free lifetime tech support and unparalleled customer service. Visit our FAQs page to learn how we can help.

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