Players skillfully throw footballs at four pop-out targets attempting to drive down the field and score a touchdown. Players must time each pass so that the football lands in the green zone next to the respective target they hit. If the player mistimes the throw and it lands outside the green and blue zones the player will be awarded 15 yards. Players can keep track of their yards on the monitor. Once a player scores one hundred yards, they will be awarded a touchdown. At the end of the game the players will receive a QB rating based on accuracy, total yards and touchdowns thrown. At the end of the game players are given a total quarterback rating. If a player’s QB rating is in the top 5 high scores it will be featured on the leaderboard. There are five game modes in QB Pro and each of the five game modes has its own leaderboard. QB Pro has up to four players.

QB Pro Arcade Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

More Players More Fun

QB Pro amps up the fun with
multiplayer action for up to four players, ensuring non-stop excitement and competition for all. QB Pro takes multiplayer gaming to the next level, inviting up to four players to the ultimate showdown! From nail-biting rivalries to laugh-out-loud moments, the multiplayer mode ensures endless excitement and competition for everyone involved. Gather your family and friends for epic matchups where every pass, every play, and every touchdown counts. With the leaderboard keeping score, the race to the top intensifies! Are you ready to stake your claim as the ultimate QB ? It's time to huddle up, hit the field, and dominate the leaderboard in QB Pro!

QB Pro Arcade Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

Test your skills

The ultimate quarterback experience with five exciting game modes to test your skills and accuracy.


QB Pro - Step into the shoes of a professional quarterback and lead your team to victory with precision passes and strategic throws. This mode includes an adjustable bonus round just like the arcade version.
Quick Pass - Challenges you to think fast and throw as quick as possible as a timer counts down from 100 to 0. The faster the target is hit the more points awarded.
Hail Mary- Unleash your arm strength and aim as close to 0 as possible without letting the clock hit zero.
Skill Shot - Skill Shot mode puts your accuracy to the test with challenging targets similar to QB Pro just without the bonus round.
All Star - players face fast-moving targets, putting their accuracy and agility to the test in a high-speed challenge. Can you keep up with the pace and become an all star?

QB Pro Arcade Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

Prove you're the ultimate QB!

QB Pro, players can climb the
leaderboard based on their QBR rating, showcasing their quarterback skills and competing for the top spot.

In QB Pro, the journey to the top of the leaderboard is a thrilling test of skill and strategy, where every move counts towards quarterback supremacy. Your QBR rating is your badge of honor, reflecting your precision passing, strategic decision-making, and ability to score a touchdown. So, strap on your helmet, step into the spotlight, and show the world what it takes to be the number one quarterback in QB Pro!



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